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Now Eye See

Currently, there are 12 million people in India who suffer from cataracts and are in dire need of cataract surgery. Dr. Jacob Prabhakar is an ophthalmologist who has worked tirelessly to perform over 10,000 surgeries in the last year alone to combat the growing issue of cataracts. With only $75, Dr. Prabhakar has been able to perform these surgeries, operation, travel, and other expenses that arise in his work. Dr. Prabhakar has also efficiently developed a system to shorten the time for each surgery from shrinking the fifteen-minute procedure to around two minutes.

Southern Adventist University’s Enactus team is currently developing a revenue stream by selling merchandise that funds cataract surgery and also creates awareness of the mission that Dr. Prabhakar has been engaging with. Our merchandise features seasonal designers who are inspired for the work that has been done for India and have developed designs that reflect the cause. We also created a donation system where family members and friends can also donate various amounts to the enacts fund that will aid with the project.

Our ultimate goal is to bring Dr. Prabhakar’s mission to a point of sustainability where he would not need direct donations for operation. Before we reach that goal, we would like to aid Dr. Prabhakar is areas of need such as better equipment or transportation to increase the overall impact of surgeries. Our goal with the t-shirts is to create a platform that bridges our student designers and business students to collaborate for a cause that goes beyond a t-shirt.