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Enactus SAU MRKT

The Need

Small businesses have trouble with sustainability, especially, building up their market. Most small business owners start a business because they know what they sell and they know how to do what they do well. However, they lack knowledge in marketing, selling their product, and running the administrative side of the business.

With COVID-19, many small businesses are also struggling with having enough capital.


The Solution

In partnership with other local small business assistance programs, we are looking to provide access to resources for capital for small businesses.

Our team focuses on delivering professional, reliable, and high quality marketing services to small businesses, especially to small businesses located in the Chattanooga area. We also provide training and education in the marketing aspect of business to small business owners and minority owned businesses.


The Outcomes

We are looking to provide services to small businesses, especially minority owned small businesses in the Chattanooga area. 

Our goal is to train personnel in businesses to manage the marketing, or provide services to small businesses so the owners can focus on delivering their product at the highest quality possible.

This is a pilot project, and if all goes well, this project will be able to support other projects financially.