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Renew. Enhance. Neutralize.

The Need

We identified a need on Southern’s campus to be more conscious about our habits and how they impact the environment. We want to make Southern Adventist University a leader in sustainability amongst Adventist universities and all universities in the South. We want to inspire students to take responsibility for the environment and empower a movement of lifestyle change.


The Solution

Renew. Enhance. Neutralize. (REN) strives to make Southern Adventist University a greener and eco-friendlier place. We partner with Administration and third parties to look for innovative ways to achieve sustainability on SAU’s campus. Our main goal is to make people aware of the effects that we have on the environment and how, as Christians, we can be stewards of the resources God gave us. We advocate for our environment.

We also crafted social media campaigns and on campus initiatives to educate the student body of the need to be more sustainable.


The Outcome

REN partnered with SAU as they were building the Beitz center, to ensure it was built in an eco-friendly mindset.

15 lives directly impacted

43 lives indirectly impacted

426 reach

306 hours invested