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Just for Kicks

The Need

Cultural disparities such as linguistic & scholastic insecurities exist within the refugee community & parents lack the funds to afford tutors for students.

Refugee children need to have friends and see that the community cares for them. They need love and acceptance and a diverse, safe, and welcoming community for them to thrive.

The Refugee children need better education. They do not have a comfortable environment to learn in.

Refugee children need to be active. Because they do not have many opportunities, they also need to learn social skills - how to interact with others.

The Solution

Hosted several youth soccer programs for over 40 kids.

Provided educational mentorship and provided them with tools to overcome linguistic isolation through a partnership with the AMFA by setting up one hour of weekly, in-home tutoring in the subjects of English and Mathematics.


The Outcomes

The refugee children and volunteer staff enjoyed meeting each other, socializing, and learning new skills.

61 lives directly impacted

81 lives indirectly impacted

326 reach

336 hours invested