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The Need

% of small businesses that fail due to insufficient funding or access to capital
% of small businesses that fail due to lack of a clear business model
Many student entrepreneurs lack resources, mentorship, and basic business knowledge to mature their ideas into sustainable businesses

The Solution

This was a campus wide pitch training event in which 15 entrepreneurs received mentorship from our team.
CoLab, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to empowering colleges to kickstart their own entrepreneurial program by giving them the tools necessary to host a pitch competition. They gave out $10,000 to student entrepreneur competitors in prize money. Six teams were able to pitch their business idea!
We worked with 55 student entrepreneurs to prepare them for a city-wide entrepreneurial showcase event to effectively sell their goods and services. We have co-hosted this event for two years.

The Outcome

Lives Directly Impacted
Lives Indirectly Impacted
Hours Invested