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Integrate Chatt

The Need

There are 26 million refugees in the world today (UNHCR: The United Nations Refugee Agency).

Refugees leave not only their homes but also their professions when fleeing to safety. Because of this many come without jobs or an opportunity to work.

Once refugees are assigned, they struggle adapting to a new and unfamiliar environment such as how to start their own business, interview for a job, manage their money, file taxes, etc.


The Solution

Created a 10-week financial literacy program that trained refugees in effectively creating and managing budgets and setting up bank accounts.

Partnered with the company, “Peace of Thread” and the Adventist Muslim Friendship Association, to teach women refugees how to start their own handcrafted merchandise business.

Connected refugee men with job agencies in Chattanooga, increasing their employment opportunities and financial stability.

Partnered with the Bring It project to develop a week-long student entrepreneurship training for refugee high schoolers in Rwanda. Planning to conduct this for over 430 students next school year (delayed due to COVID 19).


The Outcomes

76 Lives Directly Impacted (number of refugees assisted)

37 Lives Indirectly Impacted

225 Reach

515 Hours Invested