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Jinan's Kitchen

The Need

Jinan’s Kitchen is an Arabic catering and food truck service that provides healthy, made from scratch, quality food. It was created to bring great tasting authentic Arabic cuisine to the people of America. This was a small business struggling with sustainability and building up their customer basis. In addition to being a small business, they were also refugees. Refugees lack entrepreneurial and education connections to capitalize on economic development opportunities and improve well-being. We jumped in with the vision that one day, Jinan's Kitchen would be a well-working business that would operate on its own - without our assistance.


The Solution

Raised $10,000 for Wahab, a community leader, to purchase a food truck & expand his business beyond catering. Developed a business plan, marketing campaign, and customer base for Jinan’s Kitchen.

We worked with an Arabic refugee named Wahab Alabid and his wife Jinan to guide and direct his business into a profitable industry and to formulate ideas for Jinan’s Kitchen.

We wanted to help Wahab live the American dream and to inspire many others by his incredible story.

The Outcomes

Enactus partners received great hands-on experience in the development of a business while at the same time making an impact in the local community through one thing everyone loves…. Food!

We assisted Wahab in establishing a well working business plan for both the food truck and the catering business. This plan enabled Wahab to run his business the way he dreamed of running it and to impact the lives of 150 people through the inspiring story of Wahab and Jinan.

5 lives directly impacted

177 lives indirectly impacted

647 reach

255 hours invested